Welcome to the beer consultancy Bierliebhaberei

My name is Björn, I am a cook, food blogger and graduate beer sommelier. Since 2019 there is already the Beer Lover’s Association, a consultancy on beer with the vision to make the right beer in the right condition available for everyone. This is of course a very challenging vision, but nothing else deserves good beer.

In order to realise my vision, I have built the Bierliebhaberei on 2 pillars.


Björn Buresch, Bierexperte und Hobbybrauer aus München. Porträtaufnahmen am 23. März 2019 (Foto: Thomas Vonier, München)

The beer lover as beer advice

This is the basic pillar and is aimed primarily at the catering trade, but also at retailers and breweries. Through my skills as a beer sommelier, food blogger and cook I am a strong support in putting the beer in the limelight. With my knowledge of gastronomy, communication and beer I can help you to work out a competitive advantage:

My main services:

  • Strong> advice on beer selection
  • training of the staff
  • tastings for you or your guests
  • creating suitable dishes
  • communication at the guest & in social media
  • creation of beer cards
  • beers photo shootings


Further services are of course available on request.


The beer lover for digital beer tastings

But it is also the consumers who should perceive a little of the beer variety. For this purpose I have created my online channel Bierliebhaberei
On the channel there is a live tasting every Monday at 19 o’clock. Of course you can also watch the tasting in the archive.
Of course there is also the possibility to participate in the tastings.
For this you just have to join my Patreon – Community and you will benefit from numerous discounts and exclusive content.

Beer Consultancy

Digital Beertastings

No matter whether you need advice on your beer selection, training of your staff or help in creating your beer menu. In any case I will show you ways to increase your beer sales.

Just contact me and we will find the right solution for your concept.

Digital beer tastings take place on the Internet. Via the YouTube platform, you can watch me at exciting beer tastings every Monday via my channel Bierliebhaberei. Anyone who wants to take part has the opportunity to secure numerous rebates.