Bierliebhaberei by Björn Buresch - About me

My name is Björn and I live in beautiful Munich.

My love for beer started as early as 2000 with collecting different beer bottles. Back then, it was still difficult to get up to 100 different beers at all.

The craft beer trend has meanwhile changed a lot and the selection of beer types has grown enormously. Today it is so much easier to buy the right beer to go with your meal, in between meals or on special occasions.

In addition to having completed my training as a chef and studying nutrition, I am also the author of the food blog happy plate, on which I tell my readers about my personal brewing experiences and recommend the right beers for my dishes. In 2019, I took another step and successfully completed my training as a beer sommelier.

I am happy to be able to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so that I can bring them closer to the diversity of my favorite drink as a beer advisor.

Relevant qualification:

  • 2005 – Successful completion of the apprenticeship as a chef
  • Since 2016: Manager in system catering
  • 2019 – Beer Ambassador (IHK)
  • 2019 – Certified Beer Server (Cicerone Level 1)
  • 2019 – Beer sommelier (Doemens)

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My Vision

The right beer should always be easily accessible for everyone in the right condition.

“The right beer” means that the beer has to fit perfectly at the moment, regardless of whether it is drunk with dinner or, for example, to relax.

“In the right condition” means that the beer should be correctly poured at the right temperature in the optimal container. A good quality is decisive for the acceptance of the product and the moment of well-being.

Of course, the beer should also be “Easily accessible for everyone” . This means that access to the product must not be too complex – combined with an acceptable price.

Für eine weitflächige Verfügbarkeit des Bieres ist ein Know-how der Zielgruppe essenziell wichtig!​

The target group

Sharing of knowledge


Variety of beer

According to Statista, we drink almost 100 liters of beer per capita per year in Germany.

That means that a lot of people drink beer, but there are still people who are not even aware of the variety of beer, and they give up beer. All of these people bring so much potential to taking beer to the next level

As with everything, of course you have to build up knowledge. The basis for good quality is always knowledge and education. A beer lover is about imparting knowledge to consumers and staff, so that an exchange can take place on an equal footing

Enjoyment is becoming more and more important, and we are becoming more and more informed about what we eat. Of course, that’s great. But we often forget that food is a combination of flavors and that it always needs the right drink. Of course, this also applies to the different beers.

For many people, beer is just Pils, Helles and wheat beer. However, there is a very wide selection of beers. By that, I certainly mean not only the beers of the so-called craft beer breweries, but also the numerous German regional beer styles that are becoming more and more widely known and reinterpreted.