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Are you looking for a beer sommelier in Munich? Through a target group oriented beer assortment, you not only have the opportunity to retain your customers in the long term, but also to increase your sales at the same time. I am happy to assist you as a beer consultant with words and deeds as well as my experience in these areas!

My offer is mainly aimed at customers from the catering & restaurant industry, but I also advise you in other areas around the topic of beer. You can also book me for beer tastings as a beer sommelier for events, Christmas parties and birthdays.

Food Paring

A delicious dish tastes absolutely perfect with the right beer. I like to advise you on which beer harmonizes with your recipe - or even turned over.


Would you like to train employees or inform you in tastings about your beers? I am happy to present a variety of beers in front of an audience and prepare the appropriate information material.
I also like to hold tastings on different topics.

Recipe Development

Beer is not only a delicious drink, but also an excellent cooking ingredient. Of course, I also help with the development of cooking recipes with beer. Or how about a recipe for matching food pairing with your beer?


Of course, I also advise you on logistics issues. Especially during transport and storage of the beer, maintaining the quality standard is essential.

If you have any other suggestions or need support in other areas, come to me at any time!

My Vision

The right beer should always be easily accessible for everyone in the right condition.

“The right beer” – means that the beer has to fit perfectly in the moment, whether it’s for dinner or for example. is drunk for relaxing.

“In the right condition” – means that the beer should be correctly poured into the optimal vessel at the right temperature. A good quality is decisive for the acceptance of the product.

“Easy to accessible for everyone” – the beer should of course be. This means that access to the product must not be too complex – combined with an acceptable price.

My Mission

Know-how of the target group is essential for a wide-area availability of the beer!

Product Availability

The availability of goods is highly dependent on the implementation of the entire value chain and thus represents the basis. This includes the purchase of the goods and the production up to the delivery at the point of sale.


305/5000 Beer actually looks robust, but is actually very sensitive and therefore requires sustainable handling for a constant quality. In this point, merchandise presentation and storage are often in competition with each other. Therefore, the cash flow should be kept low due to a short goods storage.


250/5000 Not only the depth, but above all the breadth of the assortment decides on sale and satisfaction of the guests or customers. It is therefore important not only to offer the goods, but also to create an awareness of the products.

Get to know me

That's me

Bjoern Bier Berater mit Bier und tranparent

My name is Björn. Already in 2000 my love for beer started with collecting different beer bottles. It was still that time hard to get up to 100 different beers at all.

The craft beer trend has meanwhile changed a lot and the selection of beers has grown enormously. Today it is so much easier, the right beer for eating, in between or too to buy special occasions.

In addition to a completed education to cook and study of Nutritionist, I'm also the author of the Foodblog happy plate , I tell my readers about my personal brewing experiences and recommend the right beers to my dishes.

I am pleased to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so you can bring them closer to the variety of my favorite drink to be able to.

Relevant qualification:
2005 - Successful completion of the apprenticeship as chef
Since 2016: manager in the field of food service
2019 - Beer Ambassador (IHK)
2019 - Certified Beer Server (Cicerone Level 1)
2019 - Beer Sommelier (Doemens)

"Beer Is Proof That God Loves Us and Wants Us To Be Happy"
Benjamin Franklin

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