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Book a beer tasting for family celebrations, bachelor parties, summer parties and company parties, etc. Beer tasting online possible From 5 people … Also possible in English!

From €49 / person you can have me as your beer sommelier for a beer tasting at home, at celebrations (company parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.) or book events (events, trade fairs, bachelor parties, etc.). The bigger the group, the cheaper it is, of course

The process is very simple:

  1. Send me your request and I will make you an offer immediately.
  2. I arrange for the beer to be dispatched through my partner AleHub
  3. We’ll meet in person or online, and I’ll hold a beer tasting for you, your friends, your relatives and / or your colleagues.
Strong partner for an excellent beer selection

Premium beer selection

Beer sommelier inclusive

Tasting time 1.5 hours

On site or online

Discount from 20 people

German or English

Request beer tasting

So that I can send you an offer directly, I need your address & your desired date.
Why beer tasting
Meanwhile, the variety of beer in beer is not only a trend, but is increasingly being found in our everyday lives. There are already many people who have heard of the whole variety of beers, some of whom have already tried beers, but they still lack a little understanding of the new subject. The variety of beers isn't just about tasting craft beer, either. Learning something new while drinking a few beers is fun and certainly a unique experience for everyone. At a beer tasting by a German beer sommelier you will quickly get some great information and learn something new with a lot of fun. Online beer tasting is also a good start to loosen up the event, especially for events such as company celebrations or company events, Christmas parties, summer parties, bachelor parties.
Booking procedure
You can easily request a beer tasting from me. All you have to do is fill out the offer mask and you have already requested a beer sommelier for your event. The minimum number of participants is 5 participants. You will then promptly receive an offer tailored to your needs from me. I will then prepare everything with my shipping partner and send you the beers. All you have to do is put the beers straight into the fridge. In the case of a beer tasting online, I will send you the dial-in data for the event in advance and we will then start at the scheduled time. I have a lot of experience here and present the beer to you via 2 different cameras so that you can follow everything exactly. If the tasting takes place on site, we will agree in advance when I can start preparing. The events are generally held in German. If you would like to book an English-speaking beer tasting, let me know. English is not a problem. It's best to discuss everything else individually.
The packages of beer tasting
Book one of four beer packages for a guided beer tasting with a beer sommelier Björn Buresch or let's customize a package. All packages include 5 beers, tasting notes, information about your beer tasting and a small snack.
Cost of a beer tasting
Every beer tasting should be something special for you, which is why I will make the tastings as individual as possible. But that also means that I have a very flexible price structure. In general, I always base the offer on the availability of seasonal beers, the number of people and, of course, whether it is online or offline beer tasting. Fall Approach & Accommodation costs, of course I ask you to cover them. You can book a beer tasting at the beer lover for as little as 49 € per person . The offer is aimed at a tasting of 5 or more people with the package "Entry into the beer hobby" that we hold online. For groups of 20 or more, you will of course also receive a discount when you book a beer tasting for your celebration / event.
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Beginning of beer love


Seasonal beers

Non-alcoholic beers

Individual package

Learn more about the world of beer. What does IBU actually mean and what does malt have to do with beer. The package includes 5 beers with which we take a closer look at the creation of a beer.

Everything you ever wanted to know about IPA in one easy tasting. Learn more about the history, evolution and current trends of India Pale Ale.

Creative smaller breweries are constantly releasing new beers and working on the latest trends. Together we taste what is en vouge this season and highlight the trends.

A good beer does not necessarily need alcohol. It also works without. I am happy to guide groups of 24 people or more through the world of non-alcoholic beers, explain how they are made and taste 24 very unusual beers with you.

It also goes individually. From 50 people, I’ll talk to you about a package that fits your beer know-how. Simply contact me via the form.

NOTE: The packages are valid for beer tastings online as well as on-site